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Facebook tagging and sharing etiquette

March 1, 2017

My Facebook timeline review is the bane of my existence on the social network. I’ve unfriended violators, who would tag me almost daily on memes and things that sparkle. Many times over I’d be tagged on something I’d already shared. Someone would tag me not realizing the post was already on my wall, or they’d tag me to say “thank you.” Currently, my timeline review is the repository of over 1,000 tagged items. I don’t even have the wherewithal to un-tag myself.

Every new year I tell my Facebook friends, the ones who pay attention, that they really don’t need to tag me on anything. They do it anyway.

About two weeks ago, a friend inboxed me to share that someone had shared her cover photo though she’d written in the description, “Do not share. This is my property.” Guess the dude didn’t care. It was rude.

Here are a few rules about sharing that serve me well:

  1. I do not share the personal photographs of Facebook friends, especially photos of their children. This is non-negotiable. Sharing personal photos is akin to going into someone’s home and taking a photograph to show your friends and family. Why would you do that?
  2. I never share personal updates without permission or the certainty that the update is public and shareable. If the symbol for friends only is over the update, it is off-limits. Sharing someone’s personal update, especially without their permission, is like running and telling what they’ve said. If it is not a public update, then assume they were only addressing their Facebook friends not yours.
  3. I will not share someone’s profile photo or image (even if it is a meme), and I will not share their cover photo or image. Both are personal to their identity on Facebook. To take their images and share them on my profile, to me, is disrespectful. Creativity is free. Go get your own.

Now my rules for tagging are complicated.

  1. If I’m tagged these days, I will like the post, and remove the tag. I really don’t want to receive a million notifications every time someone comments on that post.
  2. I try not to tag anyone, but if I do, I’m really okay if they remove the tag.
  3. I hate being tagged in the comment section of posts that do not have the comments enabled. If the comments are disabled, it’s because that user’s privacy settings are set to exclude non-friends.

That’s about it.

I’m really easy about people sharing articles, blog posts, photos of known people or memes, and videos I post. Share without asking or tagging.

I’ll probably explore this more later.


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