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3 tips for people who chew with their mouths open

March 20, 2017

Chewing with your mouth open is a weird, rude thing. It is odd. I could sit here and explain why someone who chews their food that way does it. I could be an enabler, but that would not solve a thing. If you’ve ever been corrected for chewing with your mouth open, then I have three tips to assist you in making a necessary change. It is necessary.

1. Keep in mind that the change is not simply for you, but something that will be a courtesy to others in your presence.

Etiquette is not about you in its totality. It is about making people comfortable around you. It is about extending courtesy. Chewing with your mouth open can potentially make others uncomfortable, ill, and wanting to stop eating.

2. Practice at home.

Without question, if you do it at home, you will do it in public. It will be uncomfortable, at first, but it will get better. You will become more mindful.

3. Do it under every circumstance.

If you’re at a family function, chew with your mouth closed. If you’re with friends watching a movie or football game, chew with your mouth closed. If you’re alone, chew with your mouth closed. Here’s why: It’s practice but it is also a way to demonstrate it without chiding or chastising others. You will set the example.

One last thing to consider. Do you really want someone to be put off by you during a business dinner or when you’re trying to impress the in-laws? No, you do not.

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